Nintendo Switch Earth Defense Force: World Brothers 2

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EARTH DEFENSE FORCE: WORLD BROTHERS 2 tells the story of what happened to the voxel (cube) Earth after the events of the first installment.
It cleverly introduces elements from Earth Defense Force 6 and features the Wing Diver Shooter, who didn’t make it into the previous game. This latest installment is filled with more love for the EDF series (and Earth!) than ever before!

With 100+ different Brothers and over a hundred missions, EDF: WB 2 still features 4-player team battles, plus plenty of extras that are sure to please longtime fans!

Brothers from all over the world reunite in the face of an unprecedented threat brought about by an all-new assassin that threatens to tear the Earth apart all over again.
In order to restore peace to the voxel Earth, the EDF has been dispatched for an emergency mission the likes of which no one has ever seen before!


The EDF has always fought threats from space.

As such, we’ve always kept our eyes in the skies. But this time, a new threat has emerged from within the Earth.

Its name is Gaia Ark. All of a sudden it appeared, wreaking havoc upon our beloved planet yet again!

But rest assured, this time we’re prepared. The EDF has been training for such a contingency. Come on, Commander. You and your team must join us!

Together, we can save the world once more!

All units prepare to deploy! I repeat, all units prepare to deploy! Earth is under attack.
EDF, move out at once!

  • The Voxel World of Square Earth - Unlike the original EDF series, which was illustrated in a photorealistic style, this game uses bold voxel graphics! If you’re someone who can’t stand the sight of huge insects, this can be your first exhilarating experience fighting enormous enemies with the EDF!
  • Build Your Very Own EDF Unit! - EDF members are struggling in isolated locations around the world. By rescuing and assembling them, you can build your very own Earth Defense Force team. Each mission is tackled by a 4-member team that players mix and match to maximize their abilities, so that they can lay waste to their enemies
  • Legends Assemble: Past EDF Soldier Classes & Old Enemies Return! - Classic soldiers, characters, and weapons from the very first game, THE EARTH DEFENSE FORCE, to the latest numbered title, EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 6, as well as the various EDF series spin-offs return in voxelated form! Longtime fans of the series are in for a serious dose of nostalgia, while those who have never played an EDF game before will enjoy EARTH DEFENSE FORCE: WORLD BROTHERS 2 as an introduction to the series that started it all
  • Enemies of Generations Past Reborn! - The invaders who attacked Earth and caused mass destruction countless times before are returning in full (voxelated) force. The enemies, giant weapons, and huge monsters from past EDF games are all back and bigger than ever! What hell-spawn will show up next?




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