Matador was born in a 10x10 foot San Francisco bedroom in 2014 when they stumbled on a trend; people sitting outside on their coats or lugging bulky blankets across town to the parks and beaches. They thought there has to be a better solution, and that's when the Matador Pocket Blanket was born. What started as a pocket-sized blanket that unfolds to seat 4 became a passion for designing and developing packable adventure gear. It’s a totally new category that Matador is introducing to the world. Their mission is to make your travels and adventures more convenient through high quality packable gear.
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Matador Travel Earplugs Kit
$17.10 SGD
$19.00 SGD
Matador Lens Base Layer
$55.20 SGD
$69.00 SGD
Matador Camera Base Layer
$87.20 SGD
$109.00 SGD
Matador 16L Pocket Duffle
$60.00 SGD
$75.00 SGD