Aries Gold

Greatness lies at the core of the brand’s philosophy. Back in 1970, founder CK Woo bought over the brand from a Swiss merchant to realize his childhood dream, to design and manufacture well-built watches for the masses.

At the tender age of 14, Woo’s passion for watches led him to pursue an apprenticeship, where he sought to master the art of watchmaking. From analyzing the materials of each component right through to the painstaking assembly, he worked for many years without a day off, but his desire never waned. On the contrary, he dutifully studied and refined the designs of watches in the little workshop night after night even after the rigors of work.

After a decade of being under his mentor’s tutelage, Woo took a leap of faith and decided to strike out on his own. Thus began the legacy of Aries Gold, with the prefix Aries serving as the astrological representation for perfection, while the Gold suffix reinforced the esteemed virtues of class and innovation. Disheartened by astronomical prices of the luxury brands because of endorsements and advertising, he was inspired to create an accessible luxury watch brand that aims to put the customers first. Combining business acumen with a fascination for horology, he fashioned a thriving business model that tapped on his belief: Everybody should have the opportunity to own a quality watch.