Travel Essentials For A Fuss-Free And Enjoyable Holiday

Ever worried about forgetting to bring something or are you thinking of ways to make your trip more enjoyable? We have curated a list of travel essentials that can no only help you to enjoy your holiday, but make it a better too! 



FlatPak™ Toiletry Case is designed for efficient, lightweight travel. It's rolltop designs allows the toiletry case to change size to fit your needs and it's  Dry-Through™ technology lets your toothbrush dry through the case, even when closed.

Fully waterproof.  Simple, clean, and light.  BPA and PVC free.  TSA approved.

Let's save plastic and stop using that ziplock bag you use to store your toiletry and switch to  Matador FlatPak™ Toiletry Case.


Matador FlatPak™ Toiletry CaseMatador FlatPak™ Toiletry Case



No more stiff neck on long haul flights! 

The Travelmall Switzerland World’s First 4-in-1 Multi-Functional Pillow with an integrated massaging function, heat function, foldable hood, a special built-in 3D Pump and a release system with patented technologies is here to the rescue! 

More than just a pillow, it can be used as a straight massage cushion for use on your spine, legs, or tired muscles. Adjustable firmness moulds to the contours of your neck surrounded by bounce cushion, providing a well-supported sleeping position.

The hood can block out unwanted light in the plane or serve to block air-conditioning directed towards your head or eyes. In a plane, the air conditioning is mostly preset at a very low temperature. Having this pillow will eliminate your need to ask for a blanket from the flight attendants.
Travelmall Multi-Functional Massage & Heat Pillow With Patented Pump



This is a must-have for when you are going for a hike, visit to the parks, beaches, festivals and picnics! With atador Pocket Blanket™ 2.0, you don't have to worry about having a dry, clean place to sit! It is water repellent, puncture resistant and fits in your pocket.

Comes in 4 colorways: Black, Green, Red and Ocean. For every Ocean Pocket Blanket sold, Matador will remove 1 lb of trash from waterways.
Matador Pocket Blanket™ 2.0 (Ocean)Matador Pocket Blanket™ 2.0



Away with losing your sim card by bringing with you on your travel Travelmall Ultra Slim Multi-Storage SIM Card Organizer With Type C OTG Reader. Not only does it help you stay oraganised, it prevents you from losing your SIM cards or removal pins.

Need to transfer some of your photos to your laptop to free some space? No worries! With the All-In-One Micro SD card reader, you can easier do so at your convenience!


Travelmall Ultra Slim Multi-Storage SIM Card Organizer With Type C OTG Reader



Sitting down for a long period of time during your flight is not advisable for your leg health as it increases the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) where blood clots form due to sitting for long durations.

Prevent leg pain and a risk of DVT with Cabeau Bamboo Compression Socks™ which helps to improve blood circulation and reduce swelling. Compression can eliminate fatigue and energize your legs too.

Cabeau Bamboo Compression Socks™Cabeau Bamboo Compression Socks™



Always having difficulty sleeping on the flight or on the travel coach because of the noise? We totally understand! Taking that few minutes or few hours of rest during travel is important to replenish your energy. You don't want to arrive at your destination feeling tired!

With thoughtfully designed flexible silicone keychain case by Matador, have easy access to your Matador Travel Earplugs Kit which blocks out all noises easily and keep them safe and clean in their keychain case which works as a zipper pull or attach it to any bag.

Matador Travel Earplugs KitMatador Travel Earplugs Kit


We love shopping and buying things but our anxiety kicks in when it's time to pack! How many kilos do we have left? Oh oh. Should we buy extra luggage space before we reach the airport? These conversations are common but time to get rid of the anxiety of exceeding luggage allowance with Travelmall XS Digital Display Luggage Scale!

Weigh it, pack it and shop again without fearing the possibility of exceeding luggage allowance. Knowledge is power! Gain back your control over your fear today and have an enjoyable time.

Travelmall XS Digital Display Luggage Scale


We hope these few travel essentials products will enhance your travel experience!
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